Hi! I’m Dustin Thomas. I’m The Starving Archaeologist. Why “starving”, you might ask? That’s because I’m currently mitigating the extremely difficult (and unfortunately not so lucrative, if not costly) path toward becoming an academic archaeologist.

I currently hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Archaeology and Culture of the Ancient Near East from Lycoming College and a Master’s Degree in Archaeology from Boston University. My immediate goal is to earn a PhD in Classical Archaeology (or a related field), with an ultimate vision of becoming a faculty member at a higher education institution teaching and conducting research in archaeology, or one of its many related/contributing disciplines (like history, religion, anthropology, economics, etc.).

My research includes a broad array of topics, including but not limited to death and mortuary practices, Roman slavery, and the sociopolitical transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire.

Recent travel has taken me from a life in Boston, Massachusetts to places as far as Rome and Naples, Italy to as close as Niagara Falls, Canada. I’ve recently moved to Baltimore, Maryland and I’ll be abroad with the The Apolline Project outside of Naples, Italy for June and July of 2016, and joining an archaeological project at Sainte-Candie, near Frejus in Provence, France for August, September, and perhaps into October.

I’ve taken to this blog to chronicle images and stories of my travels, showcase progress in my research, and just broadcast my general thoughts on the world around me. Thanks for reading!

Please feel free to follow me on Instagram (@thodust), Snapchat (@thodust), or email me if you have any questions or comments!